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"If you can dream it, you can do it"

I've always been fascinated with Walt Disney. For many people, Walt's ideas were crazy; they were unattainable pipe dreams. What led Walt to become a successful businessman and create the most magical place on earth (this is not up for debate people) was his tenacity and his refusal to listen to naysayers. Walt never even got to see many of his dreams become a reality but he knew someday they would.

There is nothing better than standing on Main Street USA in Disney's Magic Kingdom, looking around, and knowing that it all started with a dream (and a mouse for all you other Disney nerds).

After 21 years of teaching, I am leaning on Walt's wisdom, and making my dreams a reality. The designer spirit has never left me. I have taken my passion for art and design and applied it for decades to my teaching. While teaching visual arts for over 20 years has been rewarding, inspirational, and fulfilling, it has also been challenging, exhausting and at times discouraging. Despite all the good and all the bad, none of these are the reason I am leaving education and moving into UX Design to follow my passion. I want to dive headfirst into projects. I want to use my creativity to lead to better user experiences. I want to work with other professionals and share knowledge.

I am 3 weeks into a UX Design course and I genuinely look forward to these next eight months of learning, building a portfolio, and making connections in the industry. Along the way I will take time to reflect on my journey; both winding down my teaching career and pursuing a new one in UX design. As Peter Pan said, "When there's a smile in your heart, there's no better time to start."

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